“Natural Resources and Environment” Conference


The “Natural Resources and Environment” Conference was held at IMT on 5 and 6 November 2014 under the best auspices.

The event brought together some one hundred experts, professors-researchers, prominent speakers and partners of the schools to discuss the four themes presented over the two days of the conference – mineral resources and hydrocarbons, underground storage and recycling, water and air resources, ICT and observation of the environment – and to take a look at the 70 posters illustrating the schools’ research work in these areas.

The program included presentations, posters and a round-table debate revolving around the question of “how can underground resources contribute to the sustainable development of our society?” and the proceedings will serve as a basis for the strategic review of this issue to be produced by the Scientific Council in December.

It was the emerging exploitation of mineral resources that was behind the creation of the first Ecole des Mines over two hundred years ago.
These mineral, energy, water and air resources are a driver of the economy and a key long-term concern for society in terms of sourcing, managing their life cycle and the impact of their use on the environment.

Making more effective use of them is a constant focus for all the schools of the IMT.