On March 30 and 31, 2016, IMT organized its 6th conference themed on ‘Materials: realities and new frontiers’, further confirmation of the Institute’s solid expertise in this field and of the synergy between all the graduate schools in its various applications.

Six themes were addressed over the two days, with no fewer than 27 presentations by research professors and heads of materials centers:
•    Composites and polymers in severe conditions and under severe stress
•    Opportunities and limits of ecomaterials
•    Innovative processes in multi-phased materials and multi-materials
•    Architectured materials and mastery of microstructures
•    Miniaturization, micro- and nano-systems
•    Materials and psycho-sensory aspects

Forty-one posters were used to compare scientific approaches and to illustrate the extent of the work and the progress made by the research teams, as well as the huge potential for collaboration between the Mines and Télécom schools.

The approaches adopted by IMT to respond to the latest industrial and societal challenges in the area of materials were debated during two roundtables.
Two testimonials from partners (Airbus for aeronautics and Renault for the automotive sector) explained the nature of industrial demand in more concrete terms and emphasized the key contributions made by IMT to major projects requiring electronic components.

The colloquium will be summarized in a report on the state of IMT research on materials. The report will be studied at the Institute’s forthcoming Scientific Advisory Board meeting.