graduate schools in France

of engineering and management

The number-one group

Courses in engineering and management

From Bachelor’s to PhD

13,400 students

and educational transformations

at the heart of digital, energy, industrial

Putting research and innovation

A group of elite graduate schools

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Do you want to specialize in a particular field or accelerate your career? Discover the unique MOOCs we offer in engineering sciences, telecommunications and networks, computing, programming, and much more.

IMT internationally

Being international is central to IMT’s 3 main goals: education through recruitment of international students; research through structured partnerships and international consortia; and finally, innovation through public-private collaboration projects across Europe and the support of SMEs.

12 graduate schools

including 4 strategic partners, subsidiaries or associated schools

13,400 students

comparable to the great American universities.

4,420 degrees awarded

each year

80 entreprises created

each year. 80% reach the 3-year mark.

106 millions

contractual resources resulting from research

2,080 articles

in peer-reviewed international journals

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Calendar for IMT

  • Mon 11 Dec
    International IHCI Conference - More...
  • Tue 23 Jan
    FIC 2018, 10th International Cyber-Security Forum - More...
  • Thu 15 Feb
    Futur & Ruptures Program Presentation Day - More...
  • Thu 31 May
    16th M@rsouin Seminar - More...

Calendar for the MOOCs

  • Mon 8 Jan
    Getting started with Augmented Reality * - More...
  • Tue 6 Feb
    Innovating in a Digital World * - More...
  • Tue 6 Feb
    Introduction to satellite communications * - More...
  • Mon 30 Apr
    4G Network Essentials * - More...

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