#WomenInTech at VivaTech : Anne Gaspar, co-founder of the start-up Lilaea

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Anne Gaspar, co-founder of the start-up Lilaea, will be at VivaTech 2024 on Wednesday 22 May. Come and meet her at IMT’s stand, L18!

Tell me about yourself.

Anne Gaspar – co-founder of Lilaea, a dual skills Master’s program in Industrial Engineering: Embedded Systems and MBA.

I was born in the Aisne countryside and grew up with the dream of becoming a mountain rescue helicopter pilot. Although this did not happen, it did not prevent me from earning my Bachelor’s degree in Biology, an accordion repairer diploma and working in logistics and transport before resuming my studies in robotics.

I am passionate about freshwater, having practiced rowing, swimming, synchronized dancing and diving. It was therefore only natural that my future profession would aim to protect this resource.

I am someone who is interested and curious about everything. I like to dig deeper and ask questions to understand the nuts and bolts behind everything. My unique career path has become an important asset and my interest in discovering different cultures, perspectives and knowledge allows me to create new connections and gain perspective on my research.

I am proud of my versatility. I am enthusiastic about everything. As they say I am a Jack of all trades, master of none, which means that I handle everything from computer aided design and sales activities to programming and awareness campaigns.

Could you tell us more about your project?

Lilaea is a company specializing in the environment and freshwater in particular.

Have you ever wondered what drought and floods have in common? What is the key resource of the future? What is the common resource involved in all our uses?

Freshwater is central to our lives, our activities, our uses, our industries and our energy. Lilaea therefore works to protect freshwater resources.

We have created the first comprehensive toolkit to support water managers with real-time monitoring of water quality based on our innovative solutions and support based on our expertise. We also raise awareness and train individuals or companies seeking to gain to better understanding of freshwater issues or integrate these concepts into their activities.

Our innovative solutions include fully eco-designed monitoring stations which continuously monitor the water quality of your aquatic environments in real-time with configurable SMS alerts.

At Lilaea, we engage in regional and social reflection by working with local employees and suppliers as well as the raw materials used.

You are supported by the IMT Nord Europe incubator. How is this support helping you develop your project?

IMT supports us in two major areas: connecting with new partners and networks and gaining a new perspective.

These are both key aspects in ensuring Lilaea’s successful development, which includes goals of international growth.

You were selected as part of the French Tech Springboard program. What are the advantages of this label for your project?

The French Tech Springboard label has allowed us to validate the concept of our project in terms of innovation and meet national and international stakeholders actors by increasing the legitimacy of our technology.

What are your expectations for VivaTech?

VivaTech will allow us to increase awareness of our company and our visibility, which will help us connect with future R&D partners, for example, and meet potential investors and customers.

What advice would you give to someone who would like to embark on an entrepreneurial adventure?

Dare to trust yourself and take the leap while remaining humble. Never forget who you are and where you came from.