A longstanding commitment

The promotion and development of both the quantity and the quality of training courses offering alternating study and work placements are one of the strategic objectives of IMT.

Bertrand Bonte, directeur des formations à l’IMT nous parle de l’apprentissage à l’Institut

They are priority actions built on 25 years of history. Today, all the Institute’s graduate schools offer at least one apprenticeship-based study track. These schools take on 600 new apprentices every September, representing a total of more than 2000 students in training under this status each year, and making the Institute a key player in apprenticeship courses in France.

Apprenticeship as a core value

The graduate schools of IMT, a major institution under the authority of the Ministry for the Economy, Industry and Digital Affairs, have become key stakeholders in the economic development of regions. Thanks to its geographical fabric the Institute is present across the whole of France and has close ties with local small and medium-sized enterprises as well as midcaps. Designed to provide the perfect a fit with the business sector, the courses offered respond to the innovation and competitiveness issues facing firms due to the major digital, ecological, environmental, industrial and production-related changes underway.

IMT maintains a close relationship with the companies that take on its students for apprenticeships. In 2008 the Mines graduate schools created CORFISEM (Orientation Committee for Specialized Engineer Courses of the Mines Schools), a joint association that encompasses 7 professional branches as well as the Télécom schools.

CORFISEM is a space for dialogue between higher education and the economic world, offering the opportunity to:

  • Stay in tune with the economic world in order to determine the invariants of business success and competitiveness,
  • Jointly build relevant responses such as the training courses of the future, as part of a distinctive approach to the profession of executive engineer/manager,
  • Provide an upscale model for training whilst in employment, with academic excellence for the future engineer or manager, high-quality added value for the enterprise, as well as consideration of the complexity of professional situations and their value, exposure to research to encourage innovation, international and multicultural forecasting, cross-disciplinary approaches and entrepreneurship.

Former par apprentissage dans nos grandes écoles

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A leader in apprenticeship training


students with an employment status on the campus of the schools every year.

one in six engineers in apprenticeship training in France are enrolled in one of the Institute’s schools.