IMT’s scientific project at Paris-Saclay

With the arrival of 300 professors and over 2,200 students (including PhD students) from IMT, the Information and Communication Science and Technologies (STIC) headcount has been increased by over 25% at the Paris-Saclay Campus, in both teaching and research.

From a scientific point of view IMT will contribute in particular to the fields of ICT, mathematics and economic and social sciences: electronics and digital communication, signal and image processing, information technology and networks, as well as economic and social sciences applied to STIC.

IMT will provide the laboratories at Télécom Paris, rated A+ by AERES, as well as the Télécom SudParis laboratories, graded A.

From a training point of view the Institute will provide engineering training for Masters and PhD students at Télécom Paris, with nearly 600 graduates per year.

Further Cooperation

This facility will be completed via a highly cooperative approach as part of the “Major Loans” schemes (Investing in the Future programs).

IMT is strongly committed to several projects in this respect:

  • 2 ‘teams of excellence’ (Digiscope and Fit). Part of Digiscope’s hardware will be installed in IMT laboratories.
  • 2 applications selected for the laboratories of excellence (the first titled Digiworlds and since renamed “DigiCosme” in the ICT field, and another with Paris-Sud and the Ecole Polytechnique, in particular in the mathematics field,ntitled LMH (Labex Mathématiques Hadamard).
  • The IRT SystemX, on Digital Systems of the Future, where IMT will play a key role, and
  • Excellence Initiative (Idex) Paris-Saclay which will result in the creation of the Paris-Saclay University in January 2014.

IMT is already present on the Paris Saclay Campus and has been since spring 2012 in the Nano-INNOV integration centre.

Innovation and business creation

With 10 million Euros’ worth of annual research contracts, not to mention the Télécom-Eurécom Carnot Institute, IMT will provide the Paris-Saclay campus with experience and knowledge in:

  • innovation, through partnerships with businesses (shared laboratories, company chairs, contractual research),
  • technology transfer (transfers and patent licensing),
  • support for business start-ups.

IMT will develop teaching and research to meet the economic and societal challenges identified by the Paris-Saclay Campus. As part of the PRES ParisTech it is already contributing to projects such as the Institute of Sustainable Mobility with Renault and the “Renewable Energies” master scheme backed by Total.

It will ensure that this expertise and knowledge is used for collective action on campus whenever possible.


IMT proposes to run the ICT centre which may be set up as part of the planned Graduate School in Sciences Technologies and Management. Its implantation could also lead to team collocation, either permanent or temporary, on the Palaiseau site.

The Institut will be supported by an infrastructure shared by other ParisTech schools and open to other institutions, the “shared teaching building”, for harmonized, shared or co-produced training programs.

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