IMT’s Digital Future Think Tank, backed up by the Fondation Télécom, brings together key figures from the scientific world and from business along with independent experts to reflect on and implement prospective studies in order to:

  • understand the evolution of digital society
  • pinpoint the emergence of new business sectors
  • anticipate skills requirements

The think tank’s steering committee is made up of the founding members of the Fondation Télécom and representatives of IMT schools. They meet regularly to take stock of current work and plan future projects.

The working groups include representatives of the founding members of the Fondation Télécom and professors from IMT schools, as well as specific partners and thematic experts. They analyze emerging themes from a forward-looking perspective and aim to identify innovative and promising areas of research and development.

An independent scientific committee adds its original points of view and its expertise.

The programs

  • Digital Transformation of Businesses program

  • Privacy program

  • Digital Business Models of the Future program

  • Mobility in a Digital and Sustainable City program

Find out more about programs as well as associated publications on the Fondation Télécom website.

The Fondation has also explored two other themes:

  • Healthcare and digital technology which resulted in the publication Information and Communication Technologies for Healthcare and Autonomy – A guide for investors, project managers and project owners”, by Robert PICARD (CGEIET) along with Antoine VIAL (HAS) and Thomas HOUY (Télécom ParisTech
  • Digital trust and identity which resulted in the publicationDigital trust”: recasting the relationship between organizations and individuals in collaboration with the FING