IMT boasts dual engineering competencies thanks to its Mines and Télécom graduate schools, and is positioned right at the heart of today’s key societal issues such as the digital metamorphosis, energy and ecological transitions, and the resulting transformation of both society and the business world. An adequate response to these issues requires researchers with the ability to work openly and across several disciplines.

In parallel with its internationally acknowledged research activities, the institute rolls out multidisciplinary programs aiming to meet the needs of society in terms of urban life, digital networks, energy of the future, healthcare, risk and security, and the enterprise of the future. It also launches scientific initiatives on original themes such as man-machine co-evolution, industrial creation, imagery and design, and industry-environment co-evolution.

Lastly, the institute’s researchers work at the hub of the innovation ecosystem, comprising large enterprises, SMEs and research teams. They build partnership networks in France, Europe and further afield. They have placed IMT and its students at the very heart of the metamorphosis underway in the world – a transformation built on digital technology and engineering, science and innovation, creativity and meaning.

The research conducted in IMT graduate schools aims to dovetail three synergistic objectives:
  • Perform research to the highest academic standard,
  • Make a decisive contribution to economic development,
  • Ensure that the training programs for engineers and managers are high-quality, relevant and dynamic.

This synergy can be seen in the content of training courses, in the choice of research themes, in the intensity of that research, and in the actions carried out in support of start-up, SMEs and midcaps.