First accredited in 2006 with a renewal in 2011, the Télécom & Société numérique Carnot Institute comprises 31 research laboratories and is the first Carnot Institute “Science and information and communication technologies” of national scope.

Together we develop the technologies and applications of the Digital Society of tomorrow …

With more than 2 000 researchers, we focus on the technical, economic and social implications of the digital transition, notably on the problems of communicating objects, networks and media of the future, uses and services, autonomy and Human health, the environment or security.

Our fields

Networks and communicating objects

  • Equipment, network and software architecture
  • Optimization and deployment of networks
  • Traffic management and operation
  • Service infrastructures, security
  • Uses
  • Sensor networks

Media of the future and digital content, press and publishing

  • Digital technology and cinema, multimedia production and databases, interactive content
  • Compression and transmission of multimedia information
  • Storage and management of rich media

Communication Services for citizens and Society

  • Applications for digital and interactive TV
  • e-learning, games and Edutainment
  • Virtual environments for cultural and educational services
  • e-government, e-administration

Uses and digital life

  • User interface, ergonomics, studies on uses
  • Industrial design of equipment and digital media

Communication and organizations

  • Integration and management of inter-firm information flow
  • Optimization of information flow and organization of businesses
  • Collaborative work within organizations
  • e-procurement, online payment, e-businesses/Web services
  • Data mining
  • Organization in a distributed and mobile environment

Global security

  • Cryptography, authentication and digital signature, tattooing
  • Risk management, crisis management, decision analysis
  • Smartcards, biometry

Healthcare and autonomy

  • Medical information, management of medical information
  • Mobile health services, innovative diagnosis, smart medical telemedicine instruments
  • Assistance, autonomy

Mobility, sustainable city and transport

  • Transport safety
  • Communicating car
  • Information services and motor assistance
  • Traffic management, simulation of logistical flows and optimization
  • Mobile tracking, mobile assistance in the context of road and air networks…


  • Analysis and surveillance
  • Sensor networks
  • Sustainable development

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Our fields
Types of collaboration

Collaborative or proprietary research programs:

  • Research contracts, consultancy and expertise
  • Access to our research or simulation platforms under operational business conditions
  • Industrial research chairs, shared laboratories and strategic partnerships: for a longer-term collaboration
  • Technology transfer: (patent leasing, licensing, transfer towards start-ups): With TDF and France Telecom – Orange, the Institut is behind the international licensing program Turbocode.
  • Entrepreneurship support
  • Support for innovative projects
  • Fondation Telecom Program: for research in the general interest
  • Standardization projects support
  • Forward-planning and think tank
  • Personalized ongoing education
  • Training for engineers and professionals, student internships in businesses
Research Partners
  • Large corporations

Key players working at the heart of telecoms and the main application sectors: Alcatel-Lucent, BNP Paribas, EADS, Orange, Siemens, Thalès…

  • SMEs

Streamezzo, Teamcast, Turboconcept, Ubicast, Backelite, Squid, ActiveNetwork, Invoxia…

  • Competitiveness clusters

Systematic, Cap Digital, Secure Communicating Solutions, Images and networks, Secure Electronic Transactions, Alsace BioValley …

  • European research and technology organizations

Network of Carnot Institutes, Fraunhofer, VTT, TNO, CNRS, INRIA, INSERM, IRCAD, CNES, NICT, DLR…

  • Carnot Institutes in the digital sector

The Alliance Carnot Numérique brings together the Carnot Institutes that work in the Information and Communication Technology and micro and nanotechnology sector. The Alliance covers all scientific fields and has unique resources in terms of research potential at European and global level in numerous sectors (for example CMOS technology, chip design and architecture, lower layers, communication technologies, signal processing, safety of systems, complex systems and networks…). It offers an improved response to businesses’ needs whilst ensuring coordination of the skills required for a partnership-based research project.

R&D platforms

IMT has technological platforms distributed throughout its different schools, bringing together both human and material resources in the Institute’s fields of application.

The Télécom & Société Numérique Carnot Institute awarded labels of excellence (TSN Carnot Platform) to 6 technology platforms which are accessible to companies and located across different regions in France (within the members of the TSN Carnot themselves).

Learn more about the platforms

Learn more about the labels of excellence TSN Carnot Platform

The components

Success stories

In the framework of the Télécom & Société Numérique Carnot Institute, innovative patents have been registered and multiple businesses have been created.

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