Digital R&D Platforms

IMT has a number of technology platforms based in its various schools, bringing together human and material resources in its application areas. These platforms are open to public and private partners to develop research partnerships, transfers of results, proof of concept, tests and experiments.

Networks and communicating objects
BioLCRLow-coherence reflectometry with phase and polarization state
CapilR *Platform of photonics solutions for wireless signal distribution (densification of mobile and wireless accesses), Radio Over Fiber & All-optical wireless
OSE – Digital communication via an undersea acoustic link *
Platform for digital communication via an undersea acoustic link
Salles anéchoïquesTesting and industrial transfer platform for very-high-speed communication technologies
EUROP *Testing and industrial transfer platform for very-high-speed communication technologies
FIT Federation of internet of things platforms: communicating objects, mobility, cognitive radio, software-defined networks (SDN)
Imagin’LabThe first 4G/LTE test platform to open in France
Open Air *Open source hardware/software development platform on digital radio communications
Arago – OPTIMO *Platform with a 120m2 clean room for “liquid crystal” and “micro-optics” technologies and their characterization
PALMYREEvaluation and processing platform modeling the whole of the radio system coding and transmission chain
Arago – PERDYN *Platform for opto-electronic functions for high and very high speed networks
High-speed optical transmission platformHigh-speed optical transmission platform with digital processing of received signals
PROFPlatform for testing system performance of convergent wired/wireless networks in Wi-Fi, WiMAX and 57-64 GHz bands.
RAMMUSMulti-standard mobile radio simulation and experimentation platform
Wi2MeMulti-technology heterogeneous networks, WiFi and 3G
Media of the future and digital content, press and publishing
CloudPlatform for research into cloud operating systems (e.g. OpenStack), parallel computing systems (e.g. Hadoop, Spark) and analysis of data-mining algorithm performances
GPACOpen source platform for the creation, distribution and reading of interactive multimedia contents, capable of supporting a wide range of formats and protocols
GRETAChatterbot platform
Network and Cloud FederationCloud computing platform
Multimodal human activity capture studioStudio for movement capture on video
TeraLab *Big data service platform for research, innovation and teaching projects
Digital usages and life
Experiment’HAALHuman Ambient Assisting Living: platform for the development of tools or services, and the validation, testing and integration of new equipment or services (acceptability, performances)
Arago – Observatoire 3DFovéa *
Platform for the study, observation and assessment of the impact of 3D effects on human behavior, applied to different uses
LOUSTICPlatform for the evaluation of usages and user acceptance of innovative services on a variety of observation tools: eye trackers, face reading, cameras, software probes, sensors, braincaps
AtolImplementation platform for novel man-machine interactions and decision-making support
Communication and organizations
PraxisGeneral workflow deployment platform
Global security
Sécurité quantiqueExperimental quantic communications and cryptography platform.
ActibioFace analysis platform
SGNetSoftware security
VALSISIdentification and security system validation platform: biometric calculations, distributed algorithms
Health and autonomy
HadapticICT at the service of handicap and dependence
PÉVORAIDEvaluation of content search systems for decision-making in medicine and ophthalmology
Medical and surgical imaging and roboticsPlatform of full computer-assisted medical and surgical systems (CAMSS)
TELEMEDOMRemote medical vigilance at the service of home-care patients
ThérafoncPlatform focusing on surgery and external radiotherapy guided by functional imaging
Mobility, sustainable cities and transport
ICT and energy efficiencyPlatform for design, technical training, energy control network management, remote energy regulation control and technical consultancy on energy matters for the benefit of companies setting up industrial facilities and deploying embedded networks or systems
OSE – VIGISAT *Radar data reception station for remote detection
SERTIT *Processing of multimodal satellite data and rapid crisis mapping to help decision-makers optimize rescue operation or supply chain organization in natural catastrophes

The Télécom & Société Numérique Carnot Institute recently awarded labels of excellence (TSN Carnot Platform) to 6 technology platforms which are accessible to companies and located across different regions in France (within the members of the TSN Carnot themselves).

* Platform accredited TSN Carnot