The Armines association manages the Mines schools’ contract research and contributes to this research with its own (human and material) means in the schools’ laboratories, financed by contract resources.

The Armines-School model has allowed research centers that it shares with the partner schools to take on an original and unique identity in France (47.2 million Euros’ worth of resources from research contracts in 2012), based on a form of research in which the scientific approach is permanently confronted with industrial, economic and societal issues.

Such is the level of commitment that the research centers have become genuine “academic enterprises” which operate using their own resources within the framework of Armines.

Today, after over 45 years in an ever-changing environment, Armines is working with schools and research centers to anticipate the development of future partner-based research, research which will require both a high level of scientific creativity and results that must be ever more rapidly achieved and directly usable by economic players.