Founded in 1946 by the National Center for Telecommunications Studies (CNET), the  Annals of telecommunications journal has since 1997been published, under the aegis of IMT. The editorial board, made up of academics and industrial experts, is supported by an internal scientific council of 35 members. As an international benchmark journal indexed by the ISI, it is published six times per year, each issue bringing together a dozen or so research articles written in English and peer-reviewed. These articles address the entire ICT sector, from electromagnetism to uses.

Certain “Special Issues” are dedicated to a given theme (Towards green mobile networks, Statistics for management of complexity in electromagnetism, Towards market-oriented clouds, Ambient intelligence for ubiquitous health and wellbeing, Design and performance of future networks, Quality of Experience, Positioning and telecommunications, Cognitive radio, Body area networks applications and technologies, etc.). The “Open topics” issues include off-topic articles.