Two of IMT’s graduate schools in the Occitania region have taken their turn to show their attachment to IMT by adopting a new IMT logo, already used by the schools that merged on the 1st of January: IMT Atlantique and IMT Lille Douai.

A new IMT logo for Mines Albi-Carmaux and Mines Alès

Three months after they merged with the EPSCP Institut Mines-Télécom, these two graduate schools in southern France wished to illustrate their sense of belonging to the IMT family.
For Alain Schmitt: “Wearing the colors of a nationally and internationally recognized institution along with Mines Alès, in the heart of our new region was important to us. It forms a common base – solid, dynamic and teeming with opportunity and perspectives.”

In the view of Bruno Goubet: “Adopting a shared logo is proof of the strength of our recent union, on which Mines Albi-Carmaux and Mines Alès will be able to build to contribute further to the economic development of their region.”

Common ground for the brand, contributing to faster brand awareness

In their communications alongside the IMT and the merged schools, Mines Albi-Carmaux and Mines Alès will share a common base for their logo: a blue pictogram inspired by the IMT tangram, associated with their names, and the same baseline.
The collective brand aesthetic will be strengthened by new visuals based on various versions of the logo’s geometrical shapes, as well as shared colors – blue, black and white. The individuality of each school will be expressed through their own graphic code, with one additional color with which the school strongly identifies.

For Mines Albi-Carmaux it will be orange, alluding to the color of the old logo, but also the iconic bricks of the city of Albi.

For Mines Alès an audacious shade of magenta was chosen, picking up from the previous logo (raspberry red). This is the signature of a school that sees itself as vibrant and creative.