Institut Mines-Telecom launches the 1st edition of a summer school to assist research professors in transforming their courses to integrate ecological transition.

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Research professors must adapt their courses in order to teach young engineers and managers about the important issues of the ecological transition. Institut Mines-Telecom (IMT) is therefore organizing the first edition of a summer school from July 5 to 8, 2022, to bring together faculty from IMT schools and partner schools. The ecological transition is not a discipline in itself, but rather an interdisciplinary approach that provides a new perspective on industry and the skills of engineers. It must be taught throughout the curriculum by means of innovative teaching methods with an emphasis on action. Teaching the ecological transition is a threefold challenge that requires teachers to change the contextualization of their subject, its methods, and positions, while also capturing the attention of students who are accustomed to a more standardized approach.

Institut Mines Telecom has organized the summer school based on a collaborative approach with the following partners: Renaissance écologique, the Shift Project, Forum des Usages coopératifs which includes the Low Tech Lab and Institut des Nouveaux Récits, UVED, Fresque Océane, and la Marche du Temps Profond. Institut Mines-Telecom students who are part of the “Transition Formation Citoyenne”  (TFORC) collective will also be present.