Palmares ecoles ingenieurs IMT

The latest 2019 engineering school rankings by L’Étudiant were released on Wednesday December 5, placing all IMT schools in the top quarter of the list! This is a significant progression, as the schools were placed in the top third in the 2018 rankings.

In detail:

  • Télécom Paris moves up two places, reaching 4th position
  • IMT Atlantique remains in 10th position
  • Mines Saint-Etienne moves up one place to 19th position
  • Télécom SudParis moves up 5 places to 24th position
  • IMT Lille Douai remains in 29th position
  • IMT Mines Albi moves up 2 places to 40th position
  • IMT Mines Alès moves up 12 places, reaching 40th position

The general ranking of engineering schools is based on 4 criteria: academic excellence, international perspective, corporate relationships, and opening to new audiences.

Institut Mines Télécom positions itself as a national technology institution. The rankings of its schools help it to develop renown and attractiveness, which are key factors in recruiting. This strategy contributes to the renown and attractiveness of IMT as well as benefiting all of its schools.