The Alliance for the Industry of the Future

Alliance_Industrie_FuturIMT is one of the 11 founding members of the Alliance for the Industry of the Future (AIF). This Alliance, officially announced by the French President in May, was launched on 20 July by Emmanuel Macron during a special day organized at Mines Nantes.

The AIF’s aim is to make France a leader in the next generation of world industry, propelling the country into the heart of the new industrial systems. Its concrete objective is for all enterprises, and particularly SMEs, to be able to get operational support to improve the performance of their production methods and overall organization.

The Alliance’s priority actions


The next colloquium by the Institute will take place on 26 and 27 November and will be on the subject of IMT’s strategy for the Industry of the Future.

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Press Release for the launch of the AIF

AIF website

  • Promote the French vision of the Industry of the Future and to accelerate change, in particular through flagship projects, with a target of launching 15 pilot lines before 2016.
  • Support enterprises by providing a benchmark, offering personalized diagnostics and financing modernization and in-depth support actions; a budget of €160 million has already been earmarked for this mission. In time, 2000 SMEs and midcaps will be guided along this route. To date, 18 regions are involved, 300 expert professionals have been identified and listed. The process is currently underway in 400 enterprises.
  • Create a reference list of the French technology offering driving industrial change, and develop the technology offering of the future by mobilizing all stakeholders of innovation
  • Anticipate professional changes, in order to place Mankind at the heart of the success of the Industry of the Future, and provide forecasts on the co-development of man and machine, changes in enterprises and the development of new products and markets.
  • Allow the creation of new value chains, in particular through standardization actions and especially at international level
  • Promote French expertise and technology abroad.
  • Attract foreign investors to France through a distinctive industrial offering.

A big role for IMT

To define actions to be put in place in order to achieve these goals, 7 national task forces composed of members of the Alliance have been created. The Institute is strongly involved in these task forces.

The Institute is especially involved in the Technology Offering task force.

One of the aims is to develop successful technology of the future, based around 7 flagship technologies defined by the AIF: Digitizing the value chain; Automation/Flow/Use of Robots in processes; Additive Manufacturing; Monitoring and Control; Composites and New Materials and Assembly; the Place of Man in Factories; Energy Efficiency and the Environmental Impact of Enterprises; Integration in the Ecosystem.

The Institute is also involved in the task force addressing problems relating to training, the production of content and the launch of chairs, as well as the one to develop innovation and interaction between the Schools and SMEs and midcaps.

The founding members

The Alliance for the Industry of the Future has 11 founding members: AFDEL (French Association of Software Developers and Internet Solutions), Arts & Métiers ParisTech, the CEA (French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission), the CETIM (Technical Center for the Mechanical Industry), the FIEEC (Federation of Electrical and Electronic Engineering and Communications), the FIM (Federation of Mechanical Industry), Gimélec (Trade association for electrical equipment, control systems and associated services), IMT, the SYMOP (Union for Machines and Production Technologies), Syntec Numérique (Professional Union of developers, Digital Services Enterprises and Companies for Advice in Technologies), and UIMM (Union of Metalworking industries and professions).

Philippe Darmayan is the President, and Pascal Daloz and Frédéric Sanchez are Honorary Presidents.

The Franco-German Academy

In the framework of a partnership between the French Alliance for the Industry of the Future and the German Industry 4.0 platform, IMT and Technische Universität München (TUM) have established a project for a Franco-German Academy for the Industry of the Future.

Over time, the Academy is destined to unite the partners of the alliance, such as Arts et Métiers ParisTech, with other French academic partners, German technical universities of excellence and Fraunhofer Institutes.