Foundation Mines Saint-Etienne

Since 1946, the Fondation I3M Saint-Étienne has been a link between Saint-Étienne École Nationale Supérieure des Mines and its donors.

  • It contributes to financing projects which make the school a laboratory of the future, though it has been open since 1816;
  • Independent and private, the Fondation I3M Saint-Étienne doesn’t receive any public aid;
  • The donations and bequests which are given are its only resource. The Fondation I3M Saint-Étienne has been granted RUP (Recognition of Public Usefulness).

Principal fields of application

  • The foundation takes part in financing high level overseas education of students seeking to attain excellence. Social criteria mean that this is shared out among equally worthy students.
  • It puts in place innovative projects focused on sustainable development.