The Fondation for French Mineral, Mining and Metallurgy Industries, based at Mines ParisTech, and more commonly known as F13M, was created in 1946 and was declared in the public interest by the decree of 17/12/1947.

Its role: to share and support Mines ParisTech’s ambitions, as defined by its articles of association

  • Make the school a benchmark in teaching and research on the international stage
  • Make the school a major player in innovation- focus the school’s research projects on emerging fields of study, responding to the needs of businesses
  • Improve the way the school responds to society’s needs, in particular in the area of lifelong learning
  • and more generally… “spark the development of these industries, as well as the professions associated with them in keeping with the general interests of the country”(Art.1 of the Articles of Association)