From Bercy to Las Vegas: IMT start-ups ready to take on CES 2019


On November 13, some twenty start-ups from IMT school incubators presented their projects to a panel of experts for the Bercy-IMT Innovation Award at the Ministry of the Economy.

Next up: a trip to Las Vegas in January 2019 for the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). In their sights are 2 Grand Prix of €50,000 and €40,000 respectively, to be awarded in the competition sponsored by Télécom & Société Numérique Carnot Institute and the Ministry of the Armed Forces, while 5 Fondation Mines-Télécom sponsors (Bouygues Telecom, Deloitte, Engie, Safran and Wavestone) will each give a “Coup de coeur” award to their favorite start-up.


Established in 2018, the Bercy-IMT Innovation Award aims to encourage the development of IMT’s most promising start-ups in all fields affected by the major transformations of the 21st century. Patrick Duvaut, Director of Innovation at IMT explains: “This entrepreneurial challenge is at the heart of IMT’s new innovation strategy aimed at strengthening its position as a national leader amongst higher education institutions in the incubation and acceleration of innovative projects.


Start-ups from IMT incubators at Las Vegas


Start-up School / incubator  

IMT Atlantique Acklio develops software aimed at facilitating and securing the development, integration and use of IoT deployments. Established in Rennes in 2016, the start-up has developed technology that enables the use of IP for the emerging Internet of Things networks. This technology, currently offered exclusively by Acklio, will soon be recognized as an international standard by the IETF.

Télécom Paris AskHub is an artificial intelligence platform dedicated to the ongoing improvement of chatbots. It offers an ecosystem of ready-to-use chatbot plugins and artificial intelligence building blocks for improving the user experience. AskHub is developing a new generation of chatbots with a collaborative approach that can offer richer and more relevant content as well as personalized and secure services.
Bescent – Sensorwake

IMT Atlantique In early 2015, Guillaume created Sensorwake, the first olfactory alarm clock. In 2017, Sensorwake changed to become Bescent. Since then the company has expanded, surrounding itself with individuals from a wide range of backgrounds. The team is now made up of 15 people who cannot wait to release bursts of good energy and wellness into the world.

Télécom SudParis / IMT-BS Established in 2014 by Yassine Chabli, Said El Haddati and Quentin Georget, Beekast offers organizations a collaborative communication platform to make their customers’ events more productive and interactive. Beekfast’s innovative functionalities have already proven successful. Since launching its services, Beekfast has attracted more than 500,000 users. Its 300 customer references include Microsoft, Google, DHL, EDF, Thales, Johnson-Johnson, Uniqlo…

Télécom Paris Botfuel offers a chatbot development platform for companies. The latest advances in artificial intelligence have allowed chatbots to redesign e-commerce, customer support, brand communication and corporate communication.

IMT Atlantique EasyBroadcast offers an innovative OTT end-to-end streaming solution from the ingestion of your content to its distribution. Its patented technology can reduce the bandwidth cost while improving the quality of the audiovisual content. This solution includes a complete content management system for distributors, an HTML5 player with advertisement insertion, customizable mobile applications (Android/iOS) for your customers as well as a real-time analytics dashboard on the quality of the service and experience and the user’s behavior.


Télécom Paris Energysquare is developing new wireless contact charging technology. It makes it possible to charge several devices simultaneously on one surface with high power levels but without electromagnetic waves and energy loss. There are barely any costs involved in integrating our technology in electronic devices.

Télécom SudParis / IMT-BS Galanck has created Galuchon, a connected backpack with an integrated GPS and lights to keep men and women safe while riding their bike, scooter, skateboard or hoverboard.

Télécom SudParis / IMT-BS The start-up Seaclick has developed Leisly, a search engine for local leisure activities for individuals. Platform users identify their location and search for leisure activities based on their interests and budget. The application allows them to find activities nearby and then contact the organizer directly.

IMT Mines Albi Specialized in designing interactive areas, Marianka develops surfaces that are functional, sensory, interactive, fun and educational… These connected and smart surfaces take the form of coating or mortars and are based on the company’s patented technology.
Movin smart

Mines Saint-Etienne Movin’Smart, with support from its intensive R & D program, seeks to develop technologies and services for riders, coaches and all those who work with and are passionate about horses. With the extremely fast development and miniaturization of new technologies, data processed from research and innovation, it has now become possible to offer riders a connected and autonomous device to use in training, competition and equestrian hobbies. MS100 is a dashboard used to monitor the complex mechanical and physiological horse-rider interactions in real-time. MS100’s dual objective makes it possible to optimize performances while maintaining the horse’s health and physical integrity.
Neosper Télécom SudParis / IMT-BS Neosper is dedicated to introducing augmented reality and artificial intelligence into orthopedic surgery. To accomplish this goal, Neosper offers orthopedic surgeons pre- and post-surgery assistance aimed at quickly and specifically improving the rate of successful operations. The team is made up of two orthopedic surgeons, specialized in upper limbs, and two photonics engineers specialized in processing augmented reality images.

Mines Saint Etienne Opti’Waves develops and markets technology for sintering ceramics using microwaves ten times faster than those currently available on the market for developing dentures.

Mines Saint Etienne PrediSurge markets software solutions for offering assistance, designing and inserting aortic stents using its digital simulation technology.

This technology allows surgeons to perform a virtual, predictive and personalized surgery to insert the stent in a patient before the operation for safer preoperatory planning and safer surgery. Predisurge also seeks to improve and optimize the process of the surgery, to better treat patients and reduce operative complications related to aortic aneurysm surgery.


IMT Atlantique Founded in 2018, Quortex is developing a Cloud software solution for broadcasting live videos online. This solution is based on patented artificial intelligence technology that create new uses while reducing the costs for its customers using the Cloud services. The team includes the four founders from the video industry, who offer a combination of experience and entrepreneurial skills. Together, they have already launched professional products and have already obtained hundreds of patents. Quortex targets the market of live online video broadcasting operators, a market dominated by sports events.

Télécom SudParis / IMT-BS Silex offers the first SaaS cognitive sourcing solution. Silex plays a unique role in the market, that of assisting purchasing departments in optimizing their supplier sourcing arrangements. Artificial intelligence technologies make it possible to automate recurring tasks within an organization and assist purchasers in scouting and sourcing suppliers by providing the right information at the right time. The solution can be adapted to a variety of purchasing contexts, strategies and organizations and can be perfectly integrated into existing e-purchasing solutions.
SMICES (Smart Medical)

IMT Mines Alès The recurring and prohibitive problem involved in laparoscopic operations is the quality of the image and the optics used in laparoscopic surgery. The appearance of condensation, smoke stagnation (electrocautery), blood splatter and fatty materials hinder the visibility of practitioners and their surgical teams every 5 to 10 minutes. The surgery must then be interrupted to clean the optical device outside the patient’s body, which causes stress, discomfort and major work.

The SMICES team has developed MEDCAM©, a single-use, eco-responsible medical device (2 patents) that helps maintain the constant quality of the image for surgical teams in the operating room. This innovative medical device helps stabilize the surgical procedure, improves concentration on the surgical site and saves time.



IMT Atlantique Founded in 2015 by Kevin Bourgeois, CEO, and Robin Nicollet, CTO, Supermood got started at Numa and 50 Partners. Supermood is an intuitive and automated SaaS solution that allows HR and top managers to measure and improve their employees’ commitment using smart, regular and anonymous surveys. Supermood now has grown to include 12 staff members, including data experts and work psychologists.
Thing Type

Télécom Paris ThingType develops fully online solutions for designing and developing electronic prototypes based on automation and artificial intelligence. This solution saves time and reduces the costs and risks involved in electronic projects, especially for the IoT.

Télécom SudParis / IMT-BS Uavia is a company that designs, produces and offers civilian drone services for professional use. It produces high-tech drones to meet the needs of demanding companies.

IMT Atlantique Wi6labs is the plumber of the Internet of Things. It deploys, operates and maintains private networks of wireless sensors for industry, cities and agriculture. Its open, scalable and interoperable solutions enable its customers to improve their processes and create new services.