Final breakfast debate in the 2018 Mobility cycle from Fondation Mines-Télécom


The breakfast will address a specific type of forced mobility, resulting from migration.

Mobility, migration and digital diasporas

Whether due to conflict, economic contingencies or climate change, whether collectively or individually, migration leads people to travel beyond their familiar surroundings. Whether voluntary or forced, it will always form an important part of population dynamics. Our speakers will show how technology has started to provide answers to these situations and what progress remains to be made.

Hosted by Aymeric Poulain Maubant, an independent expert and coordinator of the Foundation’s Intelligence Booklets, these topics will be discussed by our three participants:

Dana DiminescuDana Diminescu, Sociologist, Professor-Researcher at Télécom Paris and coordinator of DiasporasLab. Her research focuses on mobility and distance communication, integration strategies related to the uses of ICT, storage and web mapping of e-diasporas, IT borders and new forms of ethnic economy.


Geoffrey DorneGeoffrey Dorne, IT and Graphic Designer and Founder of Design & Human, a design workshop that created a mobile application called Refugeye to simplify communication between refugees and public authorities, associations and NGOs. He also collaborates with the Bibliothèque sans Frontières project.


Joanna KirkJoanna Kirk, Chapter Leader at Techfugees France (subject to confirmation). Joanna is Executive Director at StartHer, a non-profit organization that supports women in the technology sector and entrepreneurship. Techfugees France is a social enterprise that supports migrants with the aid of digital technology.