Geneva makes for the ideal host of the 30th Annual EAIE Conference and Exhibition, a city with an extended history as home for international diplomacy and collaboration. From the former League of Nations to the United Nations today, there are few places more suited for debating issues of global concern. This year’s theme, ‘Facing outward’, invites us […]

Production processes and industrial organizations are currently at the heart of several major transformations aiming to provide increasingly customized products and services while meeting major economic, environmental and societal challenges. All stages of design, products and production systems piloting the whole logistics chain are impacted and are currently the subject of R&D work at IMT. The day […]

Environmental concerns and the development of the circular economy have led to growing interest over recent years in the use of bio-sourced and recycled materials — resins, thermoplastic and thermosetting matrices, reinforcements etc — requiring a number of scientific and technological developments. This congress co-organized by IMT Lille Douai aims to help promote understanding, scientific […]

The Carnot Days have become the leading R&D event for corporate innovation. Both IMT Carnot institutes – Carnot Télécom & Société numérique and Carnot M.I.N.E.S. – will be present at the 11th edition of the Carnot Days. At la Cité des congrès, 50 quai Charles de Gaulle, Lyon