In order to boost the number of non-French-speaking students on their campuses and raise the international awareness of their students, IMT’s graduate schools have developed a range of programs dispensed in English. These programs are an opportunity for students to work with high-level professors from IMT and to interact with professors and researchers from all over the world. The time spent at the schools by guest professors taking part in these programs often generates collaborative research processes.

Masters of Science

At the Institut, the programs referred to as “Masters of Science” are training programs leading to one or several degrees, including at least one Master of Science. The latter gives the holder the Master’s level. These are all high-level specialized programs. They develop skills that are much sought after in industry and research, and are primarily designed for an international audience. After a Master of Science it is possible to carry on studying for a PhD. Read on

English tracks in the Grande Ecole Programs

IMT’s graduate schools offer a large number of courses in English. Some of them propose a whole semester in English. International students study alongside their French counterparts, making for rich and varied inter-cultural exchanges.

More information on these English tracks

Summer Schools

The Summer Schools are short programs lasting about one month and open exclusively to foreign students. They are intended for Bachelor or Master’s Degree students. These programs allow participants to acquire new knowledge on precise themes, to take lessons in French as a foreign language and to discover the French way of life through a variety of cultural activities.

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Winter Schools

Télécom Ecole de Management also proposes Winter Schools. These are shorter programs, generally lasting two weeks, and also intended exclusively for foreign students. The participants are generally Masters-level students. These programs are organized according to demand and are designed to introduce participants to French industrial and business culture surrounding high-tech issues. Visits and conferences are also organized and attended by regular Télécom Ecole de Management students, giving the programs a genuine intercultural dimension.


IMT has set itself the mission of ensuring that all students get the opportunity to do their studies in the best possible conditions. The graduate schools of the Institut therefore propose several types of financial aid from:

  • the State
  • companies via partnerships with the schools
  • foundations
  • the country of origin for foreign students

For further information about the grants paid out each year, take a look at the websites of our schools.