Our students benefit from a highly-developed international training program and an enriching multicultural environment. They acquire international experience through language lessons, overseas internships, interuniversity exchanges and Dual-degree programs …

  • Partnerships with universities all over the world

    The IMT schools have built over 500 academic partnerships all over the world. Thanks to these partnerships, bilateral agreements and dual degree programs arrangements with the world’s leading universities, foreign students join the IMT schools for one or more semesters every year. Similarly, registered students can study with our international partner universities. IMT schools host international students for original ‘Grande Ecole’ training ( Master of Science in Engineering , Master of Management ), for Master of Science, for Post Master or PhD. The Group’s schools host foreign students for initial training (master of engineering, master of management). For more information on partnerships, please see the international pages on the website of each school.

  • A multicultural environment

    The presence of numerous international students and teachers on our campuses allows everyone to benefit from a rich multicultural environment: 30% of students come from overseas and some sixty nationalities are present on campuses. Students learn to work in a multilingual and international environment. They are encouraged to form international teams when carrying out their projects. At the end of their studies, over 10% of graduates find their first job overseas.

  • An important role for foreign languages

    Learning foreign languages is an essential element in education. Every student must attain a good level in at least 2 foreign languages: English is compulsory for French students and French is compulsory for non-Francophone students in the Grande Ecole Program. Lessons are adapted to different levels (from “beginner” to “advanced” level). Language lessons are dispensed in French, English, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, Chinese and Japanese. However, the languages taught may vary from one school to another.