In a fast-changing economic context, IMT made the decision to prioritize innovation and entrepreneurship. The Institut believes that every graduate should be able to imagine, design and produce new products, services, and new organizational methods either in an existing company or by setting up their own business.

The IMT Schools have rolled out a rich array of tools aimed at raising awareness and training students in entrepreneurship so as to support them in their innovative start-up projects. This involves support in the early stages but also to help them show their independence, creativity and open-mindedness. If a creative idea blossoms during their course and if they wish to take the plunge, instead of their 3rd year internship in a company students can create a start-up business project. They are then supported by the network of incubators from creation to development, and benefit from various partnerships formed by our schools with local and regional innovation structures. As well as business start-ups, these tools aim to train engineers and managers in value-creation and innovation so that they can then offer companies this creativity.

Students are supported before, during and after incubation via contacts with already-established start-ups. 

Each of our schools has an incubator ready to support students from the initial idea through to completion of their project. Some of our incubators have become national benchmarks, in particular for digital and technological innovation in France.