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Putting technology to work to help the elderly and people with restricted mobility – Mounir Mokhtari, IMT

By mobilizing its research teams looking for technological solutions to boost autonomy, and supporting the principle of care in the home, IMT is committed to promoting the role of technology in healthcare. The longstanding involvement of Mounir Mokhtari, researcher and incumbent of the Chair for “Quality Of Life Of Ageing People”, is an example of […]

Videotelephony – cost efficiency and the importance of maintaining social links – Christian Licoppe, Télécom Paris

Information and communication technology has become woven into the fabric of our daily life – work, leisure, social interaction, identity and more – transforming the way in which we interact with an increasingly technological environment, and the ways in which we socialize. Acutely aware of the ever-growing importance of users and consumers, IMT has for […]