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Master of engineering - International Admission Tour in India and China

IMT organizes an International Admission Tour in India (September 15-19) and in China (October 20-24 in Shanghai,Beijing, Nanjing, Harbin). Qualified students wishing to apply to the Master of Engineering program will take a two-step entrance…
Pascal Ray, directeur de Mines Saint-Etienne

Pascal Ray, the new director of Mines Saint-Etienne from 15th July

On 4th July 2014 Pascal Ray was appointed director of the École Nationale Supérieure des Mines, Saint-Étienne, by decree of the President of the French Republic. He was previously director of the IFMA (2007-2014), the French Institute for…
Marc Girod-Genet - Télécom SudParis

Towards a smart electricity network - Marc Girod-Genet, Télécom SudParis

For several years, Smart Grids have been the hot topic in the energy field. As current networks become less and less adapted to new energy issues, we need to thoroughly rethink energy management and introduce smarter electricity networks. These…
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