• Apprenez les bases de la pollution atmosphérique et ses effets environnementaux, sanitaires, sociaux et économiques pour mieux comprendre et résoudre ce problème.
  • Durée : 3 semaines
  • Effort : 2 à 3 heures par semaine
  • Langue : anglais

Air pollution is a major and global concern, arising for the most part from human activities. Air pollutants can be emitted by a variety of sources or formed directly in the atmosphere. They alter the air we breathe and have clear negative effects on our health. But they also affect the Earth’s climate and have a tremendous, often underestimated, impact on our economies.

This 3-week course shares the basics of air pollution and its effects. During the first week, you will discover the major causes of outdoor and indoor air pollution. The next two weeks detail the environmental, economic and health impacts of this pollution.

Enroll now and join us to better understand current and future challenges concerning air pollution! Subtitles are available in French, Spanish and Portuguese!

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